Friday, March 30, 2007

Sunny days at Zavial

Hey guys

After a few days of a chilly NW wind it was roasting at Zavial beach, so much the large naked Germans were in full force down the far end (where we unintentionally ended up sitting, the poor kids that were with me!!!)
Nevertheless lessons had to be given and waves surfed. The west coast was massive - apparently - so we ended up surfing Zavial on the south coast. Much of the beach has changed by the recent large swells and hence the beach is a lot more rocky.
There were still great little waves, perfect for begginners and long boards as well as those with a bit of extra volume.

Other than Frodo getting into a fight with the water dog from the German surf school, the day was pretty mellow. we surfed, ate, slept, read and surfed again, ending with a coffee up by the little beach cafe.

Another sweet days surfing on the south coast.
Take it EZ until the next time.