Thursday, March 22, 2007

Small Thursday

Hey everyone.

After about 3 weeks of awesome weather in the Algarve, it finally got a bit chilly but only due to the wind. Arrifana has been pumping, however the only pictures I have included are the fun waves we had on thursday. It was a longboarders paradise.
Myself and one of our begginners had a little scare on the rocks and the rip going out on the right side of the beach on wednesday. So on thursday we checked out Amado. The surf was good wowever just before lunch the wind got all over it and 'luckily' we all ended back up at Arrifana.

On the pictures you can see Kalu from Algarve surf school and Jez from Surf experience as well as a bunch of other guys having an absolute ball on longboards. I haven't seen that many drop ins, board swapping, hopping, handstands, twirls, pirouettes etc with not an angry sole in the water - how could you be, we all love each other down here 'In a manly way ofcourse'

Really knackered from all the surfing so apologies for not writing more but the pictures speak for themselves.


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